CPS – Department of Family and Protective Services

Attorneys at our firm have represented individuals involved in CPS cases and have been appointed by the court for child representation. These types of cases are often challenging. However, we are experienced at dealing with these matters and working with a client through this difficult area of litigation.

Premarital agreements

Premarital agreements, sometimes referred to casually as a “prenup,” while not involving litigation, is also an area in which our firm has experience. From drafting agreements with minimal property interests to drafting an agreement with multiple businesses for high net worth clients, our firm is accustomed to drafting agreements to meet client concerns.

Related matters

The attorneys at Wilson, White & Doby, LLP have experience in issues related to family law matters. This creates a full service firm experience for our family law clients. Bill White practices in the area of estate planning and probate law and Bob Doby’s practice centers about real estate and corporate transactions. What this means to our clients is that they do not need to coordinate and educate multiple firms over issues that are already difficult to address. At our firm we are typically able to handle a family law matter from beginning to end.